As parents, we all want the best for our children. Is this school really one of the best in Rochester?

According to, Washington Elementary School is the top elementary school in Rochester for 2018.

Washington School - Google street view
Washington School - Google street view

Some of the reasons for the high ranking include a good teacher to student ratio, high academic proficiency scores, and a diverse student body.

In fact, Niche also added that Washington Elementary School is not only best in Olmsted County, it's also got some of the best teachers in Olmsted County too! How cool is that!? We've got a lot to smile about here!

Are you wondering about some of the other schools in Rochester and Olmsted County? Take a look at the grand public school district ranking (in comparison to the rest of Minnesota and the rest of the U.S.) here.

Let's just say we're so grateful to have some amazing schools in our area!

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