A lot of folks have been talking about 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Does it, in fact, glorify suicide?

Here's the thing: mental health is serious. No one would question that. However, some continue debate on just how "real" you can get on the subject. For some, 13 Reasons Why is way too graphic, and maybe even "unrealistic"...

We just don't feel that way. Here's our thoughts, in this week's edition of Whine Time.

You see, at the very least, we hope that all of you can agree that it's a good thing this show (and book) is getting people talking about mental health. We're hoping it will help people view mental health as something just as important to be maintained, like physical health is.

Never be afraid to use your voice if you're struggling. 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety or depression currently, and that number is expected to rise. You're certainly not alone.

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