It's kind of crazy to think that winter sports are going to be wrapping up in the next few weeks. For the first time in my life, I have been so distracted with work, I haven't followed any basketball. Well... I'm not going to let that happen ever again and going to try and get caught up because the NCAA tournament kicks off soon. Speaking of March Madness... what are the chance of the Minnesota Gophers making it to the big dance? Bring Me the News says it can be done but it's going to be tough.

According to the article, the Gophers kept their chances alive after their 83-57 win over the Northwestern Wildcats. If the team wants their bid to the big dance, Minnesota is going to have to win out. The article says there is a small chance they could go if they won three of their final four games. Like anything with sports, nothing is a guarantee.

So what do the next four games look like for the Gophers? Well... their hardest game is Wednesday (February 26th). They will be taking on Maryland at home (Williams Arean). Home court advantage is definitely on the Gophers side. Their record at Williams Arean is 10-4. Another advantage... Maryland is currently 4-5 on the road according to Bring Me the News. Also coming up for the Gophers is the border battle against Wisconsin on Sunday, March 1st. To wrap up their season they will take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers (GO Big Red)  on March 8th before the tournament kicks off. Sorry I was born and raised a Cornhusker fan! ;)

The Big Ten is one of the toughest conferences out there, which means the last few games are going to be a battle. All we can do is cheer the Gophers on and hope they win out! The big dance is in their hands now.

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