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If you want to right on the water, not have to worry about neighbors, and don't mind living rent free in exchange for DIY duties, there's a 1911 home in Duluth, Minnesota that's just right for you! The Duluth Harbor North Pier Lighthouse.

Secluded Living (Google)
Secluded Living (Google)

The story of this incredible opportunity has reached across the nation, most recently appearing in Time Magazine.

Are you looking for a new home? The U.S. Government has a deal for you: Beautiful historic lakefront property, 360-degree water views, panoramic vistas, must not mind occasional foghorn or bright lights. The cost? Absolutely nothing. The hitch? It’s a lighthouse on Lake Superior.

Why is it up for grabs? Well, quite simply, it is mostly not needed. The US Coast Guard says advances in science and technology have put us past the need for lighthouses, though there are still beacons in use on the lighthouse.

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Duluth Minnesota's Lift Bridge - Getty Images for Catalyst Conten

Should it be torn down just to put up an ugly metal tower for the beacons? Heck no. Many lighthouses are historic, have unique appearances, and tell the story of a time long before we were connected every moment of every day.

Maybe that's my nostalgia talking, but the US Government agrees, that's why they're making several lighthouses (in Minnesota, Michigan and Connecticut) available to historic organizations or lighthouse fans.

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Keep it in great shape, make it available to the public as an educational tool, and live without neighbor's dog waking you up. Oh, and it might get a bit chilly come winter.

Waves on Lake Superior by lighthouse
Winter in Duluth, MN - Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Speaking of Duluth, MN, and places to live, how 'bout living here?

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