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Airbnb released a list of the most wish-listed place to stay in each state in 2020. There are some pretty amazing Airbnb's on the list, including Minnesota's “Wolf House, which is about 90 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota. It's in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and it looks like you're living in a magical garden.

Airbnb decided to put out this list of the most wish-listed place to stay in each state because a recent study showed that a lot of people have been daydreaming about going on vacation in the past year. No surprise there. You can check out the top Airbnb's in other states HERE, but without further adieu, let's take a look at Minnesota's most wish-listed Airbnb, The Wolf House.

Airbnb 90 Minutes from Rochester is the Most Wish-Listed in Minnesota

This beautiful Airbnb in Minneapolis, Minnesota dubbed "The Wolf House," in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, 90 minutes from Rochester, is the most wish-listed Airbnb in the state.

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