The most recent energy bill that we received was approximately $200.00. I thought maybe we win a prize for hitting a number square like that, but that wasn't the case. So it got me to thinking about how we can cut our energy bill, now I'm sweating just thinking about walking into my house if my wife decides to read this. According to the Federal program Energy Star, to cut down on your energy bill, and to maximize your programmable thermostat, you should have it set at...78 degrees in the summer months during the morning and 85 degrees during the day. 

I thought our new center for the Vikings had a sweating problem, with this setup hot coffee will be room temperature. I digress.

By utilizing Energy Star's heating and cooling guide, you could save somewhere around $180 a year. Here are the guide's recommended settings.

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By that guide, it puts your sleeping temperature at 82 degrees! Who sleeps at that temp!

The heating guide I personally don't think is too bad, you set your thermostat to 70 or less, then you dial back to 62 while you are at work. It's also then set at 62 for when you are sleeping which sounds just about perfect.

Other ways to cut back on your energy bills, throughout the year according to this guide: change out your furnace filter regularly, get your heating and cooling apparatuses properly checked and tuned up, use a power strip for your devices so while they aren't in use you can turn the strip off or unplug them.

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