I saw a message from a friend on Facebook that said "Please don’t accept another friend request from me. I think I’ve been hacked". Then I started seeing it multiple times and thought it was a little odd. According to this article, this is a thing.

Not only are they profile cloning, this message is spreading like a cold at a preschool!

Facebook messenger scam

If you get this message SHUT IT DOWN! Don't forward it. Do your due diligence in actually checking to see if you have an account clone. If you do just contact Facebook through the "report this profile" link on the fake profile and the social media giant removes the extra account — typically within 24 hours.

If you think you got hacked, Go check your settings! If you go to your settings menu and choose "Security" and select "Where You're Logged In" you can verify what devices and from which locations your account is logged into. If it's not you "End Activity". Then go change your password!

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