Florida Georgia Line, and The Backstreet Boys...

It seems like a very unlikely pairing (musically, and style wise), but trust me when I say, it works! The Backstreet Boys joined Tyler and Brian for “God, Your Mama and Me,” and you can hear a sneak peek of it when you pre-order Dig Your Roots, which is out soon.

Taste Of Country explains, "Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter chimes in on the second verse, with other boyband members like A.J. McLean featured in other sections of the song and all five providing those seamless harmonies we all remember."

Side-note: This tune was written about their wives. They've got two songs to their name now - they must be awesome ladies!!

You really can't deny how great the guys sound together on this one. What were your first thoughts on the pairing? I can't get enough of it! I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for a joint tour! It'd make sense... right? I'd pay to see that!

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