One Minnesota carnival wasn't all fun and games over the weekend after a fight broke out on a ferris wheel, causing a major frenzy among attendees.

It's been a strange month for crime stories. Recently, a Minnesota couple was injured when a vehicle smashed into their motel room. The elderly couple were in Detroit Lakes relaxing in the room when a pickup drove into their room and drove away.

Another strange and sad crime story also comes courtesy of Minnesota. A teenager was recently arrested after going on a vandalism spree to the tune of fifty-thousand dollars. He spray painted garages, homes and cars across Forest Lake.

A downtown Duluth restaurant also made headlines after they shared that someone entered their space and took a few items, including their landline phone. This happened to occur during a week celebrating downtown businesses, which made the story even more upsetting.

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This one will go down along with the rest of the strange stories that have made headlines this year. A fight broke out at a carnival in Blaine, which is a few hours from the Twin Ports. The fight broke out on a ferris wheel of all places.

According to KARE 11, it happened at the Northtown Mall on Saturday (May 14th). It all began when police found "people fighting each other on and around the Ferris wheel." This set off a chain reaction, with carnival goers sprinting into the nearby mall out of fear.

Reports say around one-hundred people ran into the mall, which forced it to go into lockdown and then to eventually close. That isn't where the story ends though: police asked attendees to leave the carnival but a large group of kids refused to exit the premises, causing police to declare unlawful assembly.

A Facebook page which follows crime in and around the Twin Cities metro area gave live updates on the carnival incident as it was unfolding. It gives a little bit more insight into how things went down:

Thankfully, there were no major injuries and only one attendee reported having minor injuries. WCCO reports that there will be more security in the future, including this week as the event continues.

In other crime-related news, a Minnesota woman made headlines for attacking her mail carrier with a box cutter. The mail carrier was on his route delivering the mail when a 29-year-old came after him and even tried to slash the mail carrier's tires.

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