Have you ever wanted to go out for dinner, but had no idea where to go? Choosing a restaurant 30 years ago was way harder than it is now. These days all you have to do is "ask Sri" or Google restaurants to go to. Then you have millions of options at your fingertips. I decided the other night to look at Yelp and see what the top five restaurants in Rochester were based on Yelp reviews. Here are my findings.

1. Brava Restaurant and Cafe (5 Star Rating)

 According to the Brava Restaurant and Cafe Yelp page, Brava Restaurant has around 78 reviews. It opened in 2016 with an American and African inspired menu. I have never heard of it or eaten there, but based on the raving reviews, I'm definitely going to go check it out. Brava received a lot of positive reviews say the food was out of this world.

2. Nupa Mediterranean Cuisine (4.5 Star Rating)

This is the very first restaurant I ate at when I moved to Minnesota. The Yelp page for Nupa Mediterranean Cuisine says they harp themselves on being "Fast, Fresh and Healthy." They have received 68 reviews. A large majority of the comments were good. There was one really bad review, but it had to do with not delivering. I don't think you can really count that as a bad review.

3. Thirsty Belgian Bar and Kitchen (4.5 Star Rating)

I have never heard of Thirsty Belgian Bar and Kitchen until I started looking at yelp reviews for this blog. There are quite a few things on the menu including a variety of pizzas. There were around 144 reviews. All of them said the food was amazing and the service was even better. I'm guessing I'll have to check it out.

4. Tonic (4.5 Star Rating)

TonicLocal Kitchen & Juice Bar is located near St. Marys campus. They have a lot of healthy options when it comes to food. They even have a huge menu of juices and smoothies to chose from. With around 194 reviews, everyone says Tonic has healthy, fresh good tasting options in the perfect location for all the doctors and nurses in Rochester.

5. Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria (4.5 Star Rating)

Many folks that work or are in downtown Rochester know about Pasquale's! The pizza is amazing, their service is over the top and that cheesecake is to die for. Pasquale's had over 200 reviews. One of the only negative things in most of the reviews was the price. Their pizza does cost a little more, but you are paying for quality.

These are the top five Rochester restaurants according to Yelp. Do you agree?

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