Don't get me wrong, going to football games are fun, but the tailgate sets the tone for the rest of the day. Not only do you have to have amazing food, but you also have to have fun games to keep folks interested. Here are some of the best games to play at tailgates in Minnesota thanks to Thrillist and Country Living.

  • Every great tale gate has Cornhole or as the people of the Midwest call it "Bags!" In my experience... having a beer in your non-throwing hand helps you keep your balance! ;) The debate continues... Cornhole or Bags?
  • Kan Jam is a newer one. It's a combination of frisbee and dunking a basketball. The goal is to either knock your teammates toss into the can or to throw it through the slot. The trick is to have a semi-sober partner that's also athletic.
    • Of course, we have to talk about a Tailgate Tradition... Beer pong! There's also the option of playing water pong for those underage tailgaters. It's fun and doesn't take much thought, which is why a lot of us love to play it.
    • I've seen the washer toss game a time or two. It's a game of accuracy with washers. It looks like loads of fun! Here's a little tutorial so you can be an expert at the next tailgate you go to.
  • Someone called this one Bottle Bash Frisbee Game. It's the one where you try and knock the beer bottle off the pool with a frisbee. It's way harder than it looks. I can promise you that one!

So next time you are heading to a football game, think of the fun games you could play with your friends while you getting ready to have fun at the game!

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