Puberty, a time when your body goes through several changes, going from a child's body to your adult body. With that comes, unfortunately, a not so nice smell. Especially as these children are learning about proper hygiene. Well, this kid must not have gotten the memo that says you do not have to use an entire can of body spray at once.

Assorted Perfume Bottles
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A middle school boy, in Florida, used an entire can of Axe Body Spray. This led to the bus being evacuated for a noxious smell, the fire department was called for a possible hazardous material smell. There were no other chemicals or liquids on board that would have caused the smell. Some students were treated at the scene for respiratory distress, none were transported to the hospital.

The bus driver radioed dispatch, who called 911 while the bus was stopped and evacuated. Williamson said no student would cop to what happened and whether it was hygiene gone wrong or simply a prank.

So, yes, there is a thing as too much body spray, especially when it stops a bus. According to, it was a warm day, so the bus had the air conditioning going and the windows closed, so that exacerbated the smell.


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