It sounds like the ticketing giants are just as frustrated as we concert consumers are, and are taking measures to improve the Ticketing and Concert Industries!

Coming off of my epic rant last weekend about the state of the Concert Industry, I felt the need to do a follow-up. I have found some interesting information in a story at RECODE.NET   [[[[  Please READ! ]]]]]


Have YOU ever been shut-out trying to buy tickets to a popular concert during a Pre-Sale, or General open-to-the-public Sale? Only minutes in you try, and try again, refreshing your browser, and re-entering your data. You have the correct Pre-Sale Code, but nothing seems to be working.The little arrow just rotates 'round-and-round-and round', and just minutes into the sale you get a little pop-up message that says...... "Sorry, no match for that ticket request", or something to that effect. Chances are that intrusive BOTS are hammering the servers and causing the excessive log-jam at the point of entry. Sure, you're in a battle with other consumers as well, but it's the automated design of BOTS that are the root of the overall problem.

More and more of the artists themselves are taking steps to improve the experience for their fans, most notably, Eric Church who has been in the news often as of late. Sturgill Simpson has joined the ranks, and Chris Stapleton's Team is looking to improve the experience as well, among others.

Some artists are even reverting back to the old days by doing box office 'Beat The Bots' events where you actually go to the venue and camp-out in line like what we did back in the olden days!

The bottom must improve for the 'average Joe & Josephine'! Another option?

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GOOD LUCK! -Steve Richards ~ Quick Country Weekends

Once again, read the insightful story at RECODE.NET  [[[[ Please READ! ]]]]]

photo: Steve Richards ~ TSM Rochester, MN - LZZY Hale of Halestorm jamming with Eric Church and his band. 2015 in Sioux Falls, SD at the Denny Sanford Center #OutsidersTour

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