Here's the word that went out late last Tues afternoon before Eric Church's show In Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada - Western Manitoba was in the midst of a full fledged Blizzard Warning.

Canadian Eric Church fans on Twitter and Facebook on this particular Tuesday afternoon were freaking out. These were fans who obviously had tickets. This is what Ticketmaster had sent out as per the Eric Church Team: (see ALERT below)

photo: Mike Morrison @mikesbloggity
photo: Mike Morrison @mikesbloggity - The now famous BEER-LIGHT Tribute. It's going to be 'A Thing' for here on out! -SR

ALERT: Eric Church Important Information for Out of Town Fans: Thank you for your purchase of Eric Church tickets. We would like to share with you the below important information regarding tonight’s event: Eric Church MTS Centre Tuesday, March 7th 2017 8:00 PM If you are impacted by road closures and are unable to attend tonight’s performance, please contact us before 7:00 PM today to facilitate a refund. Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-855-985-4357 Questions? Please reply to this email, or get answers right now Thanks for being a fan. Ticketmaster Fan Support

OK now, tell me this...........who else does this? Ticketmaster? Other artists? NO! The ANSWER: NOBODY! (except Eric Church) The show went on as scheduled, and those wanting refunds could get one.

Calgary - Saddledome
photo: B Bennett/Getty Images - Saddledome


Early this week in Calgary - Alberta  Canada another snow event caused concert officials to limit what the Eric Church crew could hang from the ceiling due to the weight of the snow on the famed 'Saddledome'. Once again, 'Chief' reacted by delivering a stripped-down, 3-hour acoustic set (with no opening act) that will be talked about for years. Once again, the true fans win!

Once again, Eric Church was SNUBBED AGAIN for Entertainer Of The Year consideration at the upcoming ACM Awards.

 I'll keep going..... Here's a man who just recently donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS to a Youth Diabetes Foundation (JDRF), and donates THOUSANDS annually via his Chief Cares Foundation. Not to mention last year he gave each and every one of his Fan Club members (The Church Choir) a copy of his most recent album release, Mr Misunderstood, absolutely FREE. Those copies were sent with no advance notice, and just showed up in fan club members mailboxes. He wanted the fans to have it before Nashville insiders, bloggers, and radio. At the time Church Choir membership was right around 80,000. ( An insider now suggests that it's more than double that now)
I'm still not done......I'm thankful I have a platform, so I'll continue my rant! -'Steve'

photo: Steve Richards TSM Rochester, MN - Minneapolis, MN Jan 2017 - 'Holdin My Own Tour'
photo: Steve Richards ~ TSM Rochester, MN - Minneapolis, MN Jan 2017 - 'Holdin My Own Tour'

Eric Church single-handedly is changing the game between ticket scalpers and their intrusive BOTS.(automatic ticket acquisition software/hardware) That's why folks like you and I are having such a hard time buying tickets through the conventional manner. (Ticketmaster, AXS, Live Nation, and others) Those BOTS create a log-jam at the time tickets go on sale, and thousands are NOT getting a fair chance to buy tickets at a fair price. Others like Sturgill Simpson (Grammy Winner - Best Country Album) are planning to adopt similar ANTI-BOT-ANTI-SCALPER measures.

He is also changing the rules within his beloved Fan Club so most are assured a chance of getting tickets they want at a FACE VALUE PRICE. (not the StubHub price or some 'schmuck' out on the corner) He has also experimented with 'paperless' tickets at the point entry of certain venues & ticketing companies that have the technology, and STAFF in place to make it work.

I guess if you're one that does not go to that many LIVE shows all of the above is a mute point. But, shouldn't you at least have a fair chance if you choose to pursue tickets? In my humble opinion there is no other artist in the music industry who has been as proactive for his fans as Eric Church.

What's going on Nashville? Why can't Eric Church get a fair shake and at least garner CONSIDERATION for the prestigious 'Entertainer Of The Year award?

I'm sure there are other artists who YOU could argue the same point! I might as well ask.....Has your favorite country artist been 'snubbed' before? Weigh-in with your 'take' at the Quick Country Facebook Page! (I would like to know!)

The bottom line.....'Chief' don't care about 'Industry Bling', he's just happy to care about the fans! -Steve Richards ~ Quick Country Weekends

photo: Steve Richards TSM Rochester, MN - Minneapolis, MN Jan 2017 - 'Holdin My Own Tour'
photo: Steve Richards TSM Rochester, MN - Minneapolis, MN Jan 2017 - 'Holdin My Own Tour'


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