It's hard to imagine running a marathon-- that's 26.2 miles, by the way-- by mistake, but that's what happened to a friend of the Minnesota Vikings' Adam Thielen recently.

The Med City Marathon is set for this weekend in Rochester, but can you imagine 'accidentally' running the race?!? Heck, the longest I've ever run at one time (when I'm not running for beer, that is) is about 3.3 miles, which is the equivalent of a 5K. And that's long enough.

But then again, I'm not the high school teammate of Vikings wide receiver Adam Theilen, either. If I was, maybe I'd lace up the running shoes and tackle the big race this weekend. Because that's what he recently did-- by mistake.

According to BringMeTheNews, Mike Kohler played football with Adam Thielen when they were both students at Detroit Lakes High School. He was recently running the Fargo Half-Marathon on May 19th when he took a wrong turn on the course-- and ended up running the entire race.

Yeah, that's a difference of 13.1 miles! According to the story, Kohler said he was about 8-miles into full marathon course when he realized he'd made a mistake, but just kept running anyway-- even though he'd never run that far or that many miles before.

Wow. That's pretty good. I'm pretty sure I'd realize I'd taken the wrong route a heckuva lot earlier than 8-miles, although I can kind of relate to what happened to Mr. Kohler.

Back in high school, we were doing the mile-and-a-half run on the track outside our football stadium. I forgot which lap I was on, and, because I'm not the fastest runner, I figured there was no way I could be done. So, I just kept running another lap-- while everybody else headed up the ramp and headed back inside.

I ended up running a whole extra lap by myself. But that's the last time I've made THAT mistake!

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