I have never stayed in an Airbnb, but a lot of my friends have. Everyone I talked to loves them... for the most part. What I've heard is they are a great, cheap way to see the city you are trying to explore while not having to worry about a hotel. One of my friends from Colorado is bringing her family out in a few weeks, so I decided to do some research. I found four unique Airbnb's in Rochester that they could stay at.

Cottage Airbnb Rochester
Cottage Airbnb in Rochester
Photo Credit Beverly on Airbnb site

This cute getaway is around $40 a night. This property has up to four different bedrooms and has a bathroom. It looks like a little cottage you would find in the woods, except you can find this one in the city limits of Rochester, Minnesota.

Victorian House Airbnb Rochester
Victorian House Airbnb Rochester
Photo Credit: Sharon on Airbnb site

This beautiful home is on the Airbnb site for $29 a night. Sharon the owner has an overall review of 4.69 making this a great little getaway in a historical home! The home still has some of its victorian features making this a unique find.

A Little Peace of Heaven Airbnb Rochester Photo Credit: Peggy
A Little Peace of Heaven Airbnb Rochester
Photo Credit: Peggy owner on Airbnb site

This Airbnb is running around $30 a night. The owner purposely spelled Peace that way and I am not sure why. After looking more into the reviews, everyone says that Peggy is a great host and they would come back and stay with here.

Exquisite Contemporary Airbnb
Exquisite Contemporary Airbnb in Rochester
Photo Credit: Deb owner on Airbnb site

This was the most expensive of all the Airbnb's. If you want to stay here it'll cost you around $239 a night. It has a very modern feel and the decorations are beautiful. This would be a great way if you want to live in style for a night.

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