We've shivered through a bought with the Polar Vortex and have been digging out from several different snow storms this, so the weather hasn't exactly been 'mild' has it? Well, maybe it has.

Because according to the Minnesota DNR's 'Misery Index,' yeah, this winter is still technically classed as not-so-bad. Mild, even, one might say. As the DNR does in this Twin Cities Snow and Cold Index report.

It's a little tough to remember, but our December WAS pretty mild. We had one storm that dumped about 7 or 8 inches of snow on us early in the month, then it pretty much didn't snow again until January.

And, it warmed up into the low 40s right after Christmas-- heck, it even rained most of the day on December 27th. So, overall, yeah, it hasn't been as bad as some winter seasons have been in the past.

In its report (which you can read HERE), the DNR assigns our winter season different points based on how cold it's been and how much snow we've received. So far this year, we're at 52-- still 'mild', but only two points away from 'moderate.' Last year, we finished the year at 118.

However, we've seen a pretty active weather pattern in the last week and half, and seeing as its only early February, so I'm thinking we're on track to beat last year and end up with a 'moderate' or even 'severe' winter. What do you think?

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