Do you know what it means to see a yellow ribbon attached to a dog? Would this work in Rochester?

When I first read about The Yellow Ribbon Project, I thought that it was a fantastic idea! It's a simple concept: let's give all dogs a chance. This initiative was started in order to give even "aggressive" or "overly excited" dogs a chance to make a great first impression while they are out and about.

It basically tells us humans to proceed toward the dog with caution.

First Day Of Crufts 2015
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They explain, "A yellow ribbon around a dog’s collar is to help everyone in the proximity know that you need to proceed with caution around this dog. The dog may not be child friendly, may have fear or anxiety issues, or may be overly excited.  Either way, caution should be applied when approaching."

I love the idea of reducing the stress for dogs! Would this work in Rochester? I'd like to think we're pretty dog friendly here already, but who knows, this might help.

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