I've got a challenge for everyone in Rochester for THIS FRIDAY (December 6th). Recently I was told about a story that brought tears to my eyes. Minnesota is one of the most charitable states in the country, so let's come together and make a difference in someone's life.

Josie Klemett is a strong woman that was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2016. She fought hard here in Rochester for 10 months. She was in remission until March of 2019 when she was told that it had come back. Recently she was told that the Leukemia has moved into her spinal fluid which isn't a good prognosis. Doctors are saying it's hard to control it once it has moved into the spinal cord.

Josie has no family in town. They live eight hours away. Friday, December 6th is her birthday, so she started a Go-Fund-Me page to get here family here for what could be her last birthday. I chatted with Tera who is the one who told us about Josie's story. She said that money is tight for the family, so if you can give, that would make a big difference. She also told me Josie is super sad that she won't be able to celebrate with her family. Her family is not able to make it out for her birthday but is planning on coming out for Christmas. She has a four-year-old daughter that she wants to spend some special time with.

Here is my challenge. Let's be her "Rochester Family" tomorrow. I know many of you work at or near the Mayo Clinic. I challenge you to stop by Josie's room with a card, maybe a balloon, or even just some words of encouragement and tell her happy birthday! She is in the Mayo Clinic Eisenberg Building room 9420. Let's help Josie celebrate what could be one of her last birthdays in the biggest way possible. Let's be kind to one another and help Josie celebrate in a big way!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not bring or send fresh flowers or plants as they are not allowed in the unit for patient immune system protection. Nurses would also like to remind visitors that they should not visit if they are sick (fever, cough, runny nose, etc.)

If you can't visit in person, here is where you can send cards, etc:

Josie Klemett - Patient
Mayo Clinic Eisenberg Building
201 W Center St, Rochester, MN 55902
Room 9420

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