Spring means warmer temperatures, and we're beating the early heat with cold, hard cash. Want to get your hands on up to $10,000? Here's what you need to know.


Listen to Quick Country 96.5 for the Cash Cow Double Dollars code words. We're hooking you up with TEN codes every weekday 20 past the hour between 8am and 5pm. When you hear a code word, open the Quick Country 96.5 mobile app, tap the 'WIN $10,000 CASH' button on the home screen and enter them in the designated spaces.

And YES! The dollars have doubled! We're choosing one daily winner to receive $2,000! You can keep that cash or spread the love with your friends and fam, and with a $2k payout that's more money to spend, more money to share, and more money to show you care.

Every time you enter a code word, you also have a shot at scoring the $10,000 Grand Prize. Talk about a major bag alert! We'll announce the Grand Prize winner after the contest wraps on April 29, 2022.

Win Cash--up to $10,000-- when you enter the Cash Cow Double Dollars code words now!

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Tap one of these buttons to enter your codes

Weirdly Expensive Items

If you've got money burning a hole in your pocket, there's a whole world of weird stuff you can spend it on. Why not start here with this list of exorbitantly priced oddities?

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