If you walked by Forever 21 at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota recently and thought, "Wow! That's a really realistic mannequin!" it may have been because it was a real person.  In case you missed it, it was all caught on camera.


Real Life Mannequin Caught On Camera at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

Didn’t know Forever 21 replaced mannequins with real people - @kamoncam_ on TikTok

I used to have my kids pose with the Old Navy mannequins and take their photos as they stood there frozen. People always stared at us but I didn't care.  Those are memories for us and sometimes the only way to get my kids to hold still for a photo.  #MomTip just in case you need it.

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A guy who was at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota went above and beyond what I used to make my kids do for a pic.  It was all caught on video and luckily, we've got TikTok to gather all of these fun moments.

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