With the 4th of July holiday upon us, you’ll no doubt see American flags and fireworks all over the place this weekend, But just how patriotic is Minnesota compared to other states?


The gang over at WalletHub is out with their annual rankings of how patriotic each state is, and here in Land of 10,000 Lakes? Well, we’re a little below average: we’re ranked as the 32nd most patriotic state, which is down three spots from 2016.

When it comes to our neighboring states, we're still on the bottom. Wisconsin’s ahead of us at #28 (but down 10 spots from last year), while Iowa comes one notch below at #29 (up two spots from last year. ) Both the Dakotas are ahead of us, too: South Dakota is ranked way up at #12, while North Dakota’s still ahead of us at #25.

So just how did they come up with these rankings? Well, they looked several different areas of civic engagement, including "share of enlisted military population to share of adults who voted in the 2016 presidential election to AmeriCorps volunteers per capita."

Either way, that puts us at #32 out of 50 - well in the bottom half. So which state is the most patriotic? That’d be Virginia, who comes in at No. 1 - the same as last year. The least patriotic state? That's the same, too: New Jersey. (At least we're better than they are!)

Source: WalletHub


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