What's better than a really cool way to open a beer bottle? How about a really cool way to open FIVE beer bottles?

The trick here is that you need to track down five rulers and unless you and your friends saved the ones you used from fourth grade math class that was your lifeblood when you needed to make a straight line in art class, it's not exactly easy to pull this off.

This trick doesn't look like it actually makes things easier, either, since you need more hands than a clock store to do. Still, it's pretty neat, although we can't help but think of all the splinters you'll get if it goes wrong. And couldn't someone have tried to add another bottle here, so a whole six-pack can be opened in one fell swoop?

You should definitely give this a try and add it to the arsenal of unlikely ways to open a bottle. It sure beats this offbeat method, but we're not so sure it can top this one.

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