I get made fun of for wearing black ALL OF THE TIME (*cue* "YOU LOOK LIKE A GOTH!") - but hey, I can't help it if I'm naturally pale and dark-haired.

Before I get into the "how to" section of this blog, I want to remind you guys that you should always feel 100% comfortable in what you're wearing. If you don't, it will show - and look bad. I'll also take this opportunity to remind you that you are more than able to say, "screw that!" if someone doesn't like what you're happy wearing.

*steps off soapbox* Now that I've got that out of my system, let's begin with the tips.

I wore a lot of blacks this week. It's my favorite color to wear (next to red). I get called a "goth" often for wearing it while sporting my naturally pale skin and black hair. Whatever. I know that I'm no longer a tortured teen that's angry with mommy and daddy for grounding me. I also know how to really rock this color!

If you're trying to avoid being labeled a "goth" for wearing an easy color, I've been called that term enough - and I think I know how to avoid it. Here is how I walk that fine line.

  1. Wear different shades of black. This is just my personal observation, but I noticed that the g-word comes out when I wear black of the same shades. Try mixing it up with a variety of blacks in your look, like I did with black/grey pants and overalls!
  2. A pop of color doesn't hurt. Sure, my new "Everything Is Great" jacket and jeans were definitely shades of black yesterday but did anyone notice? Nope. They paid more attention to my red boots. My white sweater also serves as an example of this.
  3. A collar makes the difference. If there's one thing I've learned from the style in the 80's, and other women in Rochester, it's that adding a "collar" to your outfit can really dress it up. You'll automatically look more sophisticated, no matter what color you're wearing.

Did you guys find these tips helpful? Let me know as a comment below!

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