He was shot while on-duty Monday night in Waseca, and now there's a way you can help the family of Officer Arik Matson.

We'd heard Tuesday of the horrible turn of events that happened Monday night, when Officer Arik Matson of the Waseca Police Department was shot while responding to a call of a suspicious person outside a home. (You can get more information on that awful incident HERE.)

He's fighting for his life right now in a Twin Cities hospital. That news sent shivers down my spine, as it did many of us. But while I've never met Officer Watson and don't know his family, it's somewhat personal for me in that my dad was a police officer for over 30 years when I was growing up over in central Wisconsin.

My dad worked for a department similar in size to the Waseca Police Department (shout-out to the Everest Metro PD over in Weston, WI), and for a period of time, also worked the night shift, as Officer Matson was doing. And whenever our phone would ring when he was on-duty, the thought that something had happened was always on my mind.

Something as horrible as what happened to Officer Matson Monday night. In our case, my dad returned home safely each night during his tour of duty in law enforcement. But, as we know now, that's not the case for Officer Matson, his wife and his two young daughters. And while I'm thinking of him, his family and his fellow law enforcement officers this morning, if, like me, you'd like to do more, here are some ways to help.

Local business, 407Designz, was selling a special 'Praying For Arik' T-shirt with proceeds to go the Matson family, but according to their Facebook page, they're not able to take any more orders at this time. However, there is a GoFundMe page set up for the Matson family, and you can check it out HERE.

And here's a special shout-out to all the brave men and women who put on the badge every day and head out to protect us and keep us safe. Thank you for your brave service and all you do!

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