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Southeastern Minnesota's social media is buzzing today because the demolition of Fisherman's Inn began. Even though the property was sold and closed back in late 2019/early 2020, somehow, seeing it being torn down makes it official; since the 1930's there's been a business selling goodies to people...now it's gone.

What's Going to Go in The Empty Space Where Fisherman's Inn Was?

(Dan Skinner)
(Dan Skinner)

A park! According to a December 5, 2020 story, the decision was finalized to go ahead with the Lake Zumbro Lake Park development concept...

Lake Zumbro, MN (KROC AM News) - A long-range plan for Olmsted County’s newest park has been approved.

The Olmsted County Board approved the master plan for Lake Zumbro Park Thursday.

It calls for a major overhaul of the four-acre site that includes the former Fisherman’s Inn restaurant. It’s expected the improvements and enhancements will take 5 - 10 years or longer at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars.

That overhaul includes accessibility, landscaping, public boat launch, beach and personal watercraft launch, fishing pier, gathering spaces, and restrooms.

Olmsted County
Click to see larger view - Olmsted County

Special thank you to Dan Skinner who supplied the photos. He was working down the street (painting a house and washing windows on a house). Dan, you rule. 

Do You Know The History of Fisherman's Inn?

(Dan Skinner)
(Dan Skinner)

On a placemat from Fisherman's Inn, this was written...

"In the early 1930s what is now Fisherman’s Inn was a small building which sold beer and sandwiches. It was built by Mr. Herman Wanke, and run by his son-in-law, Mr. Jack Ploof. Mr. Mike Aune leased it in the early 40s.

It was then sold to Mr. V.J. JanDu (T-Bone) who in turn sold it to Mr. J. A. Ballord. Mr. and Mrs. Max Prokasky then purchased it.

They built on the porch with storage underneath; at the time it was just screened in and not used in the winter months. Mr. and Mrs. Prokasky then sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Jack McFarlin who raised the building and made living quarters underneath.


The McFarlins then sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Richerts who ran it as Richerts Resort Supper Club. In the middle 60s Mr. and Mrs. Claude O’Malley purchased it and ran it under the name of O’Malley’s until 1971 when it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Don Schmidt who changed the name to Fisherman’s Inn Supper Club.

It was then purchased in 1974 by Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bowlus. In 1979 they built on a 20 by 40 banquet room and new rest rooms.

Fishermen Display Their Catch - 1920 Nothing says these were caught around Oronoco, but the photo came up while searching for Oronoco images. So, could be! MNHS)
Fishermen Display Their Catch - 1920 Nothing from the Minnesota Historical Society says these were caught around Oronoco, but the photo came up while searching for Oronoco images. So, could be! MNHS)


On June 16, 1987, Ralph & Esther Peterson, Jim & Theresa Peterson and Don & Nancy Klassen purchased the Fisherman’s Inn. It is you, our customers, that have made this business grow in the last 49 years. We all thank you.”

And of course, it was in Peterson's hands when it was sold to Olmsted County.

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

A lot of people found out about Fisherman's Inn closing when we shared the news on social media, especially Facebook. Which is one reason still use Facebook!

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