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It's been a recognizable part of the skyline in southern Minnesota for many years, but you might have noticed that it's no longer there anymore.

If you're an astute observer of the scenery along Highway 52 (officially known as U.S. Highway 52) as it snakes its way through southeast Minnesota, you might have noticed something different about the landscape.

This change is one that happened in Rochester, which happens to be the third-largest city in Minnesota (only Minneapolis and St. Paul are bigger) and is the largest city outside of the Twin Cities metro area.

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The skyline in Rochester has changed a great deal recently, thanks to all the various construction projects in progress these days. Much of that development is related to the Destination Medical Center initiative that is transforming parts of its downtown area near the world-famous Mayo Clinic campus.

But this change involves a communications tower on the north side of Minnesota's Med City and a radar dome with a familiar logo on it that is no longer there. That's because the white dome with the familiar KTTC-TV logo on it has been removed.

The KTTC radar dome in September, 2023, when it was still atop the TV tower on the east side of Highway 52 in Rochester, MN (Google Street View)
The KTTC radar dome in September 2023, when it was still atop the TV tower on the east side of Highway 52 in Rochester, MN (Google Street View)

According to KTTC, the NBC TV affiliate in Rochester, the radar dome was removed Friday, December 15th as crews free up space on the tower for new technology that will help improve the TV station's signal in the local area.

As KTTC noted in a story on their website:

For decades, the radar and dome sat above the station. The dome itself is eight feet wide and twelve feet tall. As radar technology improved, the radar itself was phased out of use at KTTC, but the dome remained.

You can check out a cool video of crews removing that large dome (which looked way smaller when it was on top of the tower, didn't it?) below. And while the dome had a good run, it's much like other businesses, buildings,  and brands that have moved on. Keep scrolling to check out some things from the year you were born that DON'T exist anymore!

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