Are you still having a hard time wrapping your mind around everything that is going on? Well... we are going to get through this together even if life doesn't seem like it normally does.

Normally April 15th is always an important day... it's tax day. Can you believe that it is less than a month away?  The IRS announced Friday that with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak changing everything going on in the world, they are going to push the income tax deadline back to July 15th according to CNBC.

As of right now, the Minnesota state tax deadline is still April 15th, but other states have extended their deadline, so there's a good chance Minnesota will do the same.

The goal behind this decision is to give folks more time to get everything they need in order to file. A lot can happen in three months, so it'll also give folks the opportunity to get the finances back in order if their business were shut down or they lost their job during this time. It was also stated there will be no interest or penalties during this time. It was suggested in the article if you are going to be getting a refund, the sooner you file, the better.

This is a great opportunity to shout out all the tax accountants working super hard to get everyone's taxes done. Thank you so much for putting in the long hours to make sure that everyone's taxes get filed properly. Even though there is an extension, just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are thinking of you.

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