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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Is there a coyote prowling in Rochester’s Silver Lake neighborhood?

A former Olmsted County sheriff thinks it’s possible.

Steve Borchardt posted this notice on his Nextdoor site Saturday:

Pet Safety. To all my NE Silverlake neighbors.
Thursday, Feb 25, my bride, Annie, saw what she believes was a coyote on Silver lake (on the ice) chasing geese. And, it was apparent he wasn’t trying to make new friends; rather, he appeared to be grocery shopping. The reasons she thought it was a coyote was because it looked like a coyote and, in addition, there was no human obvious dog-owner, in sight. This morning, Saturday, I talked to a neighbor out walking who told me the same story. He saw the same critter, at the same time on Thursday, behaving in the manner as Annie had described.
So, I post; be aware we may have one or more coyotes in the neighborhood and they will go after small dogs that are unattended in yards. It actually makes sense that we may have coyotes as we do have deer and where there are deer there are often coyotes.
For the record, neither Annie or the neighbor saw any large anvils or pianos dropping from the sky, no ACME explosives and no Road Runners. Just one possible coyote that appeared to be trying to have a goose dinner.
Steve Borchardt

Coyotes have been spotted in Rochester in recent years.

A resident in the Skyline Dr SW area told KROC News a few years ago he saw a small pack of coyotes several times near his home. He said they appeared to be targeting his dog and did not appear to be afraid of humans.

News update:  Two dead, deputy seriously hurt in western Minnesota shooting.

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