You have until January to take advantage of fashions at this clothing store in the Apache Mall.

According to the Answer Man section of a recent article in the Post Bulletin, The Gap is really closing in January.

Gap Apache Mall via Facebook
Gap Apache Mall via Facebook

They write, "Kim Bradley, the mall's general manager, confirmed the news this morning. "Yes, they're closing in January," she said, but she's not aware of a firm date. One of my I-Team members caught her early this morning and she didn't have the information at her fingertips, but she said the store has been a mall fixture for more than 10 years." This also includes Gap Kids.

If you're a fan of the clothing retailer, now is the time to stock up at The Gap! They've got tons of sales and deals available for the holidays.

This news comes as no surprise to locals in Rochester. We've seen the Apache Mall go through a lot of renovation and change in recent years.

Are you going to miss The Gap and Gap Kids? I am! I need to hurry so they can be part of my #ootd series!

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