Is it some lovely chocolate frosting on a decadent dessert, or is it just an interesting pattern that developed in the dirt in Rochester?


If you guessed it was merely a pattern in the dirt, you're right. And it was taken right here in Rochester, in one of the many construction projects that have taken over the downtown this year.

I noticed this pattern on the dirt in the middle of 4th Street, at the intersection with 1st Avenue when I was walking downtown last week. I was struck by how cool the pattern looked as it dried in the sun after that area was inundated with water earlier on September 5th.

That was the last real rain our area received-- and we got a lot. Nearly 6-inches of rain fell over parts of southeast Minnesota; I had nearly 6 and a half inches at our place in northwest Rochester.


But when I took the first picture-- a close-up, without any other outside perspective-- it almost looked to me like it was the frosting on a lovely chocolate cake or maybe a pan of brownies or fudge.

But, no, it's just dirt. I guess it shows how much of a chocoholic I really am-- and that I can envision something decadently chocolate where there's only a construction site. At least I didn't see beer in it, though. (For once!)

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