It's seriously unhealthy how much I love this new gadget.

This may (or may not?) surprise you, but Rochester (and the nation, for that matter) might have a new obsession with this gadget too.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't heard about it already - allow me to introduce you to the Instax Mini 9 (in "ice blue" of-course!) that I just purchased. Fujifilm has decided to bring back a popular style of photo - the polaroid.

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They're only growing in popularity. This article explains,"Up until 2008, Fujifilm’s sales were not looking so well until Polaroid decided to drop out of the market. Since then, Fujifilm’s Instax products continue to be a significant portion of their revenue while outselling their X-Series mirrorless cameras."

I originally decided to buy this camera to assist me with styling my outfits. I'd take polaroid of each piece of the outfit and ask you guys if you thought I should actually wear what I was putting together.

THEN, my co-workers filled me with even more ideas. Now, I'm considering a few Rochester photo projects, and plan on bringing this baby to our events - so if you see it, say hello!

Here's another look at some photos I've taken.

I don't recommend using this camera outdoors at night, but I learned later that you can adjust the light settings on the lense for better photo results.

If you decide to plop $70 for a camera, overall I think it's worth it. It brings back a form of nostalgia that's priceless. The film is a little expensive ($20 for a pack of 20 photos), but in my opinion - that just means you've gotta be picky about the best types of photos you're taking.

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