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Minnesota's Med City is once again playing a role in the story arc of a big, national primetime drama... kind of.

Of course, we all know that Rochester is well known for being the home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic. And while that fact in and of itself has put the Med City on the national map, it also has given our fair city a few mentions and cameos on several network primetime medical dramas over the years.

The latest involves Grey's Anatomy, which just started its 18th season on ABC-TV. In the Season 18 opener, (S18 E1) which aired Thursday night, Meredith Grey is on a business trip to Minnesota to attend the opening of a new lab dedicated to her mother. Now, in this season's story arc, the specific Minnesota city Meredith has traveled to isn't mentioned, but she IS meeting with a doctor at 'The Clinic.'

So, obviously, 'The Clinic' is the name Grey's uses to portray Mayo Clinic, right? But, I'm guessing Mayo Clinic didn't allow ABC usage of their name-- nor the right to film on their property-- so various other sets were apparently used to replicate building that kind of looked like the Gonda, Plummer, and other buildings here in Rochester.

It's a similar pattern Grey used the first time it mentioned Rochester and Mayo Clinic The Clinic.  The first mention aired in the fall of 2012, during season 9 when one of the other characters also explored a new position at 'The Clinic.'

However, back then, there WAS one scene that was actually filmed here-- though it wasn't on the Mayo campus. It was shot downtown, in the old circle drive of Mayo Civic Center. In the background behind Dr. Christina Yang, you could see the Rochester Public Library sign along with a pile of snow.

Of course, this season, producers also used an establishing shot of Minneapolis, so just WHERE 'The Clinic' is located in Minnesota this time is a bit of a mystery. In last week's episode, though, there was a reference to how cold it is in Minnesota and how we sculpt heads out of butter, which happens at the Minnesota State Fair.

You can check out Rochester's cameo in Season 9 HERE, as well as Dr. Grey's latest trip to Minnesota below. Of course, it's not just TV, either-- keep scrolling to check out some well-known movies that were also filmed right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes too.

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