It may only be early June, but things are going to get steam across southeast Minnesota today-- something we haven't done since LAST July.

While it was fairly warm in parts of Minnesota yesterday-- I noticed we hit 87 degrees late yesterday afternoon at our place in northwest Rochester-- but it's set to be REALLY steamy today. In fact, the National Weather Service in La Crosse is calling for high temperatures in our neck of the woods to top out in the low to mid 90's, with high humidity and dew points in the 60's (which is what makes it feel so sticky and oppressive outside.)

And if our high temperatures do, in fact, hit the 90's today, that'll mark the first time it's been that warm in Rah-Rah-Rochester since... last July! That's right, according to this Rochester climate history site, the last time our temperature was in the 90's here in the Med City was back on July 19, 2019-- nearly a year ago.

Specifically, it was 319 days ago (according to Siri) that we last hit the 90's here in southeast Minnesota. Can you remember what we were all doing last July? We hadn't heard of anything called COVID-19. George Floyd was still very much alive, and there wasn't any unrest or buildings being burned or looted in the Twin Cities. While it wasn't really all that long ago, it seems like eons ago compared to where we are today, doesn't it?

We could also see some strong-to-possibly-severe storms later today as all that heat and humidity builds across our area. You can always check the latest forecast wherever you go on our Quick Country 96.5 app. (Download it HERE!)

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