We didn't quite get out of winter like we all thought we had. Minnesotans like myself had really been enjoying this whole mild winter situation we've had going on and it all came to a screeching halt over the weekend.

How Bad Was This March Storm?

We saw what most are calling our first official snowstorm of the 2023-2024 winter season. It started in the Northland on Sunday night and is slowly starting to taper off at the time of writing.

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In terms of snowstorms, this one wasn't even that bad. We had quite a few awful ones in the Duluth area last year and while this one made travel a little treacherous for a few days, it wasn't the worst by any means.

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It was record-breaking in many ways, including the fact that it was our first real storm of the season and it's almost April! It wasn't just Duluth that got hit though. The Twin Cities weren't spared either!

MSP Airport Earns Weird Weather Record

The National Weather Service office out of the Twin Cities shared a snow fact that made me laugh. They shared this fact Tuesday night (March 26th) as things were slowly tapering off.

This just puts into perspective how weird this winter has been not only in the Northland but all over the state! The fact that the airport got more snow this month than three of the snowiest months combined is so strange.

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After not having to deal with a real winter for awhile, I was definitely anxious traveling and driving to and from work. I knew we had it good without any major snowstorms and this really snapped me back to reality. Ha!

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