This hurts my heart, because if I graduated from John Marshall High School in Rochester, I would've been part of the Class of 2008 too.

We're thinking a lot about graduations this time of year - but what about the reunions? For fellow graduates of the Class of 2008, this summer would already mark our 10th "reunion" possibility. If one is created, that is.

John Marshall High School graduates from the class of 2008 have decided to have one, but where are the attendees? A Facebook post suggests that ticket sales are slow moving. So slow, in fact, that the reunion itself might not happen.

The creator of the planning page explained that more information (from the beginning) would've helped. They commented, "There was no list of emails or phone numbers provided to me by the Edison Building. Unfortunately - they weren't much help considering they provided me with an inaccurate list of our graduating class, which I posted in our group here in hopes we might have some help from everyone to reach out to those they know do not have facebook, and I definitely didn't have access to a list of people who don't have Facebook, so much of this whole thing has been hinging upon word of mouth."

I've got two theories as to why ticket sales for this may be slow.

  • Maybe more classmates are waiting until the last minute to buy tickets?
  • We're all so connected on Facebook anyway that perhaps a reunion itself seems unnecessary.

Is this a sign of the times? To be honest, my graduating class of 2008 in Pittsburgh has yet to send me (or my husband who is also part of the class) any 10th reunion information. Not that we're anxiously awaiting any - but still, I'd be curious to see if any plans were made.

Maybe we're just not excited about high school reunions anymore?

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