Trail cameras capture amazing photos all over Ohio County, Kentucky just south of Owensboro, but this one is just unexplainable. It was captured on Friday morning and has left everyone baffled as to what it is exactly.

What's the craziest trail camera photo that you've ever taken? I purchased my husband a new trail camera for his birthday and they've come a long way. The pictures are crisp, the technology is incredible, and the photos can be amazing to view. He even set it up to send the photos directly to his cell phone so he doesn't miss a shot. He truly isn't even a hunter, but we both love wildlife and the breathtaking scenes of nature. You just never know what you are going to see when the phone bings with a new photo!

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Strange Image Captured in Ohio County

When someone we know in Ohio County captured this image on his trail camera, he showed it to us to see if we could identify what it is. It was captured on Friday, September 24th, 2021 at around 7 AM on property in Ohio County. We all passed it around and nobody came up with anything that made sense.

Someone in the group guessed that it looked like a bear, and well, it was as close as anything else. Although bears aren't often seen around here, it isn't totally uncommon. I didn't buy the bear theory. There may be movement in the photo making it more challenging to identify, but also makes the mystery deepen. It's one of the strangest images I've ever seen captured by a trail camera.

What is the Wild Image Caught on Ohio County Game Cam?

Trail cameras capture amazing photos all over Western Kentucky, but this one is just unexplainable. It was captured on Friday morning and has left everyone baffled as to what it is exactly.

File this under "something strange caught on camera". The trail camera caught all of the details, but of what exactly! What do you think this image is captured on a trail cam in Ohio County?

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