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Kwik Trip always has the best April Fools jokes. They share them on their Facebook page every year and every time people wish it was true. Remember last year's joke? It was a collaboration between Kwik Trip and Culvers.

Last year's post included someone stopping for gas at a Kwik Trip but there was also a place for them to order Culvers to be delivered right to their car. Oh, how I wish that was true! And many other people were also wishing the collaboration would actually happen. However, I'd probably spend a lot of money any time I got gas.

This year they've done it again. However, I think more people realized really quickly that this was a joke. This time they have what many people are calling adult Capri Suns. It's Leinenkugel's 'Beer in a Bag'!

Kwik Trip via Facebook
Kwik Trip via Facebook

See, an adult Capri Sun! When I first saw the post I thought it was beer-flavored chips and thought 'huh, I'm not sure if I'd want to try that'. Then it became clear that it was actual beer in a chip bag and I wanted it. I mean come on, Capri Sun is so nostalgic and then you put an adult beverage in there. Perfect for summertime.

What do you think, do you wish that Kwik Trip was actually doing this 'Beer in a Bag'? Shoot me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@carlyrossonair). I'd also love to know if you or someone you know have pulled a good prank.

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