Over the weekend, I went to the Renaissance Festival with my adopted family. This was my first time at the Renaissance Festival and I had a blast. While we were there, we hit up Mermaid Cove and learned about life as a mermaid.

Let's just say if this whole radio thing doesn't work out for me, I found my back up career. Life as a mermaid at the Renaissance Festival is pretty simple. You get to hang out in the water all day long while it's 85 degrees outside. Can you say cool?  You get to splash kiddos with your fin when they walk by... or squirt them with your unicorn water gun when they aren't paying attention.

Mermaid at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Mermaid and Paisley at the Renaissance Festival

The other part of your job as a mermaid... take pictures with all the little girls! Okay or with the little girls at heart that want to be you! ;) These mermaids were protected by pirates that would help them when they needed it. I did learn that every mermaid does have to eat, so when it was lunchtime, their magical powers would allow them to walk the festival and try out foods. I definitely took part in that tradition.

Turkey Leg at MN Renaissance Festival
Paisley Eating A Turkey Leg at the Renaissance Festival

Of course, I had to hit up the Turkey Legs stand. Every time I'm at a fair or festival, turkey legs are my go-to food item. This was probably one of the best Turkey Leg I have ever had.

Apple Dumpling at MN Renaissance Festival
Paisley Eating an Apple Dumpling at the Renaissance Festival

I wrapped up my day as a mermaid by eating an Apple Dumpling with cinnamon ice cream on top. It was so amazing, I probably would go back to being a mermaid just so I could eat one of that every day!

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