I've never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner...too many moving parts. God love ya if you're great at all the planning, timing, and stress control, but I would rip my hair out.

That doesn't mean I don't know how to do it, though. I have the general idea down. Way better than when I was a kid. Which got us thinking...how does a kid think Thanksgiving dinner gets made?

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Thank you to Jill and Kaden's moms for sending us these cooking directions on our app (they're both in Rochester, Minnesota)! Just click play. Can't hear it? Scroll down for the transcription.

How awesome is that? I think the turkey would be a little dry in both cases, but well cut and certainly not undercooked. 😃



She's all about cutting things in half!

"Okay. So first I would um, bake the turkey and then I would touch it until it's done. I would cut the Turkey open. And then I'd put mashed potatoes in it and then green beans and chocolate chips and cucumbers and then bake that and then cut it in half and then bake it again and then cut it in half. And I would eat that."

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Kaden takes a tour of the kitchen for his dinner...

"I would snip it apart and then I would put it a couple of pieces at a time into the toaster. And then after a, in the toaster, I would like, I would stick on inside, um, like a bag of corn and cook that in the microwave. And then I would put it in and then I'll put it in my instant pot. And then I would put, cook my corn bread. I bet my mom cook the corn bread. That's her favorite part."


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