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It's something you might see on TV or on TikTok, but this 'living' plant just startled several Minnesotans out for a walk earlier this week.

Ahh, you gotta love this time of year in Minnesota, right? The weather has warmed up... finally... and people across the Land of 10,000 Lakes are getting out and enjoying it-- even if that means you might be startled by a 'living' plant.

Now while all plants are, in fact, living, THIS 'plant' isn't actually a plant at all. It's somebody in a plant costume, in disguise, sitting along the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.

And, as several unsuspecting Minnesotans can attest, it attempted to scare them as they walked by. The video appeared on Twitter earlier this week, and started to go viral. Even FOX-9 TV in Minneapolis did a story on the prankster plant Wednesday.

BringMeTheNews also did a story on the living plant attempting to scare people, but neither news outlet appears to know just WHO was behind the prank-- and who was wearing the plant costume-- or why they were doing it. (Or where one might get their hands on a similar plant costume if somebody wanted to recreate that prank here on the Peace Plaza in Rochester...)

Some of the reactions are pretty funny, especially since it's not every day you encounter a plant that comes to life while you're walking by on a lovely late spring day here in Minnesota. Check it out below, and speaking of fun, keep scrolling to check out the Ultimate Guide for Summer Fun here in the Bold North this year.

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Gallery Credit: Luke Lonien

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