Don't worry. Luke Bryan's happy dance with wife Caroline Bryan is very appropriate for work, unless you work somewhere where smiles and joy are forbidden.

The country couple can be spotted dancing on Caroline's Instagram page. It's a short clip of the two doing a sort of dad-disco that involves finger-pointing, eager smiles and general jubilation. It looks like the couple are on a golf course, but this isn't either Bryan's 18-foot birdie putt dance.

This is the dance of a mom and dad who need to get away from their children.

"They gave us one hour alone with no kids," Caroline writes, "and I had to stop the video because Luke got naughty."

"What do you mean?" says no mom or dad who watches and reads this caption. The post is a kind of "if you know you know" moment.

The Bryan babies are Bo and Tate, age 14 and 11 respectively. It's not clear if the family is on vacation, but they're certainly recreating before the start of Bryan's tour on Thursday (June 9). The Raised Up Right Tour begins in Charleston, W.V., and runs into October. To get ready, the country singer has been doing a whole lot of fishing.

Photos on his Instagram page find him with Tate, who caught his first shoal bass. Bryan also caught a personal record largemouth bass (11 pounds, 6 ounces) and then went underwater to manually yank a fish from the bottom.

Last month, Bryan finished up as judge on American Idol, a role he's expected to resume in 2023.

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