Cash.  It almost seems like it's getting to be a thing of the past.  There are venues that are going cashless.  Whether it's a music venue, some stores or restaurants, or sporting events.  It seems that using cash is going away

But, there are some things that we will still use cash for.  One thing that I notice myself when using cash is that I see it disappearing.  For instance, I use a debit or credit card, I don't thing about the actual cash leaving my bank account. Obviously it does, but it's easier to keep things in check if I can physically see it disappearing.  I think it's probably easier to stay on a budget if you use cash.

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That's the first thing:


Helps you stay on a budget when shopping You can physically see the money leaving your wallet. Helps to keep you on track/budget.


Haircuts, manicures/pedicures, facials, spa, etc.  There are places that will ask you to pay in cash because they can avoid the surcharge that they get from running debit/credit cards.


Same reason as above.  Some gas stations will give a discount if you pay in cash.  Although, there are other gas stations that require you to pay at the pump or pre-pay.  But if you pre-pay you can use cash.


Sometimes it's nice to use cash for a tip instead of adding it to your credit card or debit card payment.  Plus, it's nice for the server to receive a tip in that way as well.


Movies, drinks at a bar, restaurants.  Again, it's easier to keep track of what you are spending. For instance, instead of running a tab at a bar and suddenly you are saddled with a giant bill you didn't realize you were racking up.


Some people would rather use cash at a grocery store instead of putting it on a debit/credit card.  I believe it is for the same reason.  Keep yourself on a budget.  It's better than loading a bunch of stuff into your cart that aren't necessary and then just putting it on a card.  You see the cash, you only have X amount and that's all you can spend.  Budget.

I'm guessing at some point cash will become completely obsolete.  As crazy as that may sound.  I still put extra change in a jar and cash it in for a trip or weekend getaway for extra money.  And recently finding a place where they will take the change has become more difficult than it used to be.  There are machines where you can dump in your change and have it counted and disbursed in paper money, but there will be a percentage taken to do that... usually.

Times are changing.

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