Nashville's Song Suffragettes celebrated their third anniversary with a special show on Monday night (June 12) that featured a cover that seemed tailor-made for the occasion.

The singer-songwriter collective was founded specifically to celebrate and advocate for females in country music, and an expanded roster of artists chose Martina McBride's female empowerment anthem "This One's for the Girls" as one of their covers to close a landmark show.

Song Suffragettes' Monday night gigs at the Listening Room in downtown Music City usually feature a revolving lineup of five of Nashville's most promising females, but the roster expanded to eight that included Lacey Green, Emily Brooke, Kim Paige, Lena Stone, Madison Kozak and the trio of Maybe April.

Suffragettes veteran Stone kicks off the song on acoustic guitar and takes the first verse in the video above, with all of the Suffragettes taking turns singing lead and weaving their voices in and out of unison and harmony for a back-to-basics rendition of McBride's No. 3 hit from 2003, which celebrates women of all ages.

Taste of Country has supported #LetTheGirlsPlay from the beginning; we feature cover performances once a week, along with monthly featured artists. ToC's most recent featured artist is Lainey Wilson.

ToC also chose LTGP mainstay Kalie Shorr as one of our RISERS for 2017. Take a look at her exclusive RISERS performance of her original song "Nothin' New" below, along with an exclusive photo shoot and interview about her SiriusXM breakthrough single, "Fight Like a Girl," and check back next week for another cover from the Suffragette's third-anniversary show.

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