Many young kids look up to professional athletes including myself growing up. Mia Hamm was my hero and I wanted to be just like her. The Minnesota Vikings understand that and want to make a difference in many kids' lives in Minnesota. One of the struggles our state faces is obesity and hunger.

Around 300,000 kids qualify for free or reduced lunch in our state, according to KTTC News. That's a lot of kids not getting access to the nutrition they need to be successful. With school out for the summer, that means many of these kids won't be getting the meals they need to be successful.

The Vikings brand understands that there is a hunger issue in Minnesota, so the NFL team's foundation decided to build a custom truck that they will take around to areas and provide these kids with free healthy meals. The name of the truck is "The Vikings Table Food Truck," which will make its way around Minnesota through October. You can't miss it! It's this HUGE purple truck with the team logo on it! So how is this possible? The article says they are teaming up with local nonprofit to make this happen.

The goal is to reduce the number of kids who go hungry in our state. The Vikings Table Food Truck will also operate as a normal food truck allowing others in the community to purchase food with 100 percent of profits going back to help distribute healthy meals to hungry kids.

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