"Pediatric Hematology/Oncology is incredible - the strength and resilience that these kids have is an absolute inspiration." - Tyler Brobst

Well, he's not wrong! Just like most of us, when I have a free moment I love browsing Instagram! This story was truly awesome.

I came across Tyler's page when I was searching what a lot of us were talking about in #rochmn and was instantly drawn to the smiling photo. Then, I read the caption...

Tyler explains, "Today I got to see a bone marrow harvest, and then later watched as the cells were delivered to a child to receive his life-saving stem cell transplant."

Yeah, it doesn't get more incredible than that. The use of stem cells has certainly been a hot topic for the past fifteen years or so (if not longer), and this is just one situation where a patient would benefit from it. This story only took a day or two before it nabbed nearly 1,000 likes too!

Regardless of where you side on the debate, I think it's cool to see a real-life example of their use. Thank you Tyler, for sharing this amazing story!

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