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My adventures in Martin County, Minnesota continue to deliver fun landmarks that remind us of our farming past and present. The power of the land here in Minnesota, and those who work it, wasn't just about hard work and crops.

It was about fun and creativity. About laughter and family. And finding something to do with that old tractor.

About two hours West of Rochester, outside Fairmont, Minnesota, is a crossroads. On the way to Church, my girlfriend, Diana, said, "That's a real tractor up there on the weather vane."

Me: A what on the...ohhhh, holy moly!

Her: Yeah, he made that himself and put it up himself.

Me: We HAVE to drive back this way after lunch.

Her: Pictures?

Me: Obvi.

If you're trying to see what the words are on the weather vane, it says, "Bulfer Century Farms - 1912".

This Means More To You Than Just A Cool Landmark, Doesn't It?

It does! Farmers have always had to be many things in addition to being a farmer. You'd be hard pressed to find one that doesn't also know welding, construction, engineering, mad amounts of math, meteorology, engine and machinery repair, business management, and comedy. Oh, and maybe most of all, creativity.

You have to be creative to make the whole thing work. But it's not just creativity you see in the farming operation, you also see it in their daily lives. Little hacks they work out to make everyday life easier, better, and more fun.

Worlds Largest Weather Vane Made With a Tractor (James Rabe)
The Midwest's Largest Weather Vane Made With a Tractor (James Rabe)

To me, this giant weather vane is a symbol of all that.

Are There Other Tractor Wind Vanes?

I didn't think there would be, but it turns out, yes. Up in Canada, there's a tractor museum with what they claim is the World's Largest Tractor Weather Vane. Sorry it's such low light video, not a lot of videos of it.

If you like old tractor, here's the tractor museum where the video above was taken.

This may actually the be largest non-tractor weather vane...a DC-3!

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