Pillow fights aren't just between you and your besties anymore. You can be involved in the world's largest pillow fight right here in Minnesota. The attempt is coming up next month. The owner of the Minnesota based company, MyPillow, is giving away his pillows to the first 50,000 people that join "the fight." No word on if you have to use your fancy new pillow in the pillow fight.

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If 50,000 people show up to claim their free pillow and join in on the fun, the record will be blown out of the water. The current record was set in 2015 at a St. Paul Saints' game when more than 6,000 fans participated. Before that, South Dakota held the record. We need to keep it in Minnesota.

It's free and starts at 5 pm on May 18th at US Bank Stadium. The fight is slated to be part of a youth ministry event put on by Pulse Movement.

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