Who doesn't love a happy ending? This story about a baby eagle in northern Minnesota will give you all the feels!

It's the story of a baby eagle who was thought to have not survived when the tree his nest was sitting toppled over during a storm earlier this month. It happened in Rush City, a little over two hours north of Rochester on I-35.

Two eaglets were in the nest when the tree fell during a severe storm. One of the eaglets suffered a broken wing and had to be euthanized. Officials at the U of M Raptor Center thought the other eaglet might have perished too.

But late last week, the homeowner who owns the property where the tree once stood, noticed a big bird perched on the hood of his tractor. Yep, it was the other eaglet!

According to this KARE-11 story, the eaglet is still learning to fly, but is expected to make a full transition to adult eagle-hood. Even though he's out of the nest, mom and dad eagle are still taking care of him-- dropping food from above.

So, yay! A happy ending!

And, interestingly, the tree that contained the eagles nest was the same tree that gained attention last summer over the 4th of July, when another eaglet got tangled up in a piece of rope.

That eaglet was freed when "Afghanistan war veteran Jason Galvin shot through the rope, in a story that garnered interest around the globe," the story said.

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