If you've just cancelled your wedding-- only a few weeks before it was supposed to happen-- you probably wouldn't feel much like throwing a party, right? But that just what this Minnesota woman did.


In fact, Jenna Yorkovich threw a party-- but it wasn't for her friends or family; it was instead for the children, family and volunteers of the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis!

Now THAT'S paying it forward! According to this KARE-11 story, Jenna put an end to her planned nuptials (though the story didn't say why-- which I'm sure would be a good story!) just a few weeks before the big day was supposed to go down.

But when she found out the money she'd paid the venue (the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis), was non-refundable, she decided to throw a party instead for the sick children, their families and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House.

The story noted that Yorkovich is studying to be a pediatric nurse, so she knows firsthand the incredible work the Ronald McDonald House does. She figures close to 150 people enjoyed the party-- on the same night her wedding was supposed to have happened.

Talk about taking a negative and turning it around into something positive! Check out more on her incredible act of giving...



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